Aly Winningham’s Terra Firma Studios is a collaboration of glass, metal, kinetics, love, expression and frequently obsession. Aly’s journey as an artist has given her the opportunity to embellish a wide range of settings with the beauty of custom installed mosaic art.

But don’t let this large scale fool you. In Aly’s colorful studio she transforms her fixations into mosaic wall hangings, mobiles and other sculptures both large and small for her fellow wayfarers to ogle touch and purchase.

Commissions: Aly is available to do custom pieces for you by commission. She can help you through the step necessary to create a one of a kind piece for your home or business. Due to the time and attention a commissioned piece requires there is a 500.00 minimum. Please email her for details and questions.

Purchasing: You can see Aly’s available art by visiting her at an upcoming show. All mosaics still available on her website are listed first and with prices. Also, Aly opens her studio 2 times a year, a Studio open house for friends and customers, generally once in the spring and once in the fall. Click on Upcoming events link for dates.  Or if there is a specific item you are interested in online you may email an inquiry depending on the size, pick up or shipping will be available.  Please email for inquires. Photos online do not necessarily represent her current availability but its always good to ask! Check the upcoming events link to find out where she will be showing next. Online shopping cart coming by summer on 2018.

Classes: Aly usually teaches a summer course. So far there is only the one class in the summer with a 6 person max. It can fill up quickly so make sure you are on the email list or following her on Facebook.

Following  Aly:  There is an email list sign up on Facebook at, or just email and request to be added. You can just take a more passive approach by clicking on the Upcoming Events link on this website.


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