Aly Winningham’s Terra Firma Studios is a collaboration of glass, metal, kinetics, love, expression and frequently obsession. Working for commercial, public, and private clients, Aly’s journey as an artist has given her the opportunity to embellish a wide range of settings with the beauty of custom installed mosaic art.

But don’t let this large scale fool you. In Aly’s colorful studio she transforms her fixations into mosaic wall hangings, mobiles and other sculptures both large and small for her fellow wayfarers to ogle touch and purchase.

Commissions: Aly is available to do custom pieces for you by commission. She can help you through the step necessary to create a one of a kind piece for your home or business. Due to the time and attention a commissioned piece requires there is a 500.00 minimum. Please email her for details and questions.

Purchasing: You can see Aly’s available art by visiting her at an upcoming show. Or if there is a specific item you are interested in by appointment at her studio in Cedar Creek, Texas. Photos online do not necessarily represent her current availability. Check the upcoming events link to find out where she will be showing next.

Shipping and buying offline: Aly’s pieces are all one of a kind.  This website acts as an online portfolio. There is a chance that a piece you see is available for purchase, local pick up or possible shipping.  Please email for inquires.

Classes: One day, Aly may teach formal classes again. For now, Aly offers a private Q & A session at her studio (for up to 4 people at once).  You get to explore the studios, see works in progress, see the tools and materials of the trade, watch Aly demonstrate any technique of interest, and ask lots of questions.  Aly’s rate is $75/hourly.  Please email Aly for information and appointments.

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